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Life and Death in the Viking Age

Vikings of Middle England is a Viking Re-enactment, Historical Entertainment and Living History group based in Leicester, United Kingdom (UK). We perform at events to audiences across the country, showing the struggles and victories of our Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Norman ancestors. Made up of volunteer members, we provide spectacularly visceral combat displays, dramatic acted scenarios and an extensive 'living history' encampment that breathes as craftsmen and women go about their business. It's educational, entertaining, extraordinary. Find out about what we do.


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Your Hobby, Our Passion

There are many ways of experiencing history. By joining a Viking Re-enactment group, we can share our passion for history by recreating aspects of the Viking-Age: traditional and historical crafts, historical martial arts, experimental archeology and performance skills. Find out about joining us.


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History Lived

We offer a wide variety of components for your event and we tailor our amazing displays to each client, site and audience. For the most accurate quote and information on what Viking Reenactment can offer for your event, contact us at bookings@vikingsof.me or enquire. Book us for an event.

Key Facts

  • We're established — founded in 1991
  • 60+ Volunteer Members
  • Vikings, Saxons and other Viking Age Persona
  • £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • PA Support and Special Effects
  • Highly Trained Performers and Craftsmen
  • Stringent Safety Standards, and Qualified First Aiders
  • UK-based Viking re-enactment group


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